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Tany Fitiavana

means - A LAND OF LOVE - when translated from Malagasy to English. This phrase perfectly embodies the vision for our first New Earth School. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy a sustainable and holistic education, surrounded by a supportive community of adults as well as with children. This allows for the integration of their own family members to this beautiful and blossoming process. In a natural environment we empower each other to create a new earth by educating about sustainability and by creating strong roots of self-love.






Short introduction about how the association was founded

Inspiration and intro to our school concept

The description of the eight basic values of our school

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New Earth Schools

is a tax-exempt association founded from the deepest wish of parents for a possibility to create their own school that combines learning and living with a diverse and supportive community. Tany Fitiavana is hopefully the first New Earth School of many.

Let the magic of a new learning experience, based on love and equality, enter your lives. Together we shall create a compassionate and sustainable community for our children to thrive in and help them find their sole purpose on earth.

New Earth Schools



As a mother I had long dreamt of finding

an affordable place that was not only community oriented but would also provide holistic education for my daughter, thus giving her the opportunity and inspiration to be anything that she wants to be.


A school with a fearless approach on making mistakes and embracing them as important steps towards growth and understanding.


A place where we all could be teachers as well as students.


Learning to take care of "mind, body and soul" and creating a future based on respect and love for our blue planet and for all earthlings.


All that while having fun and feeling joy when going to school and giving our children the freedom of choosing their own schedule and learning speed.


This is what The New Earth School 'Tany Fitiavana' is,

a land of love.


The world is changing.

Children today won’t have the chance to live on the same green earth that we adults have had the pleasure to enjoy throughout our lives. Unfortunately, they will inherit a new world with new problems caused by our decisions. In order for our planet to thrive we need to think outside of the box and embrace the unknown.


Thanks to the introduction of the new 'curriculum 21' in 2017 and 2018, our public school system is now following the trend and expanding their educational approaches. The School Tany Fitiavana cherishes and incorporates the positive changes from the 'curriculum 21' and enriches it by creating a powerful and sustainable community of parents, family members and friends into the learning process. Their help and collaboration build a very important structure in our school's concept.


Louise, Tany Fitiavana Gründerin


― We acknowledge the emergency call of the future by promoting the concept of sustainability and respect towards our blue planet, our greatest value. ―

Tany Fitiavana



The goal of the first New Earth School is to empower through a holistic and autonomous learning approach inspiring all of us. Most importantly inspiring the children to be the green vanguards of the future.

We believe that a child already has all of the qualities it needs to become a happy and successful lifelong learner inside themselves. All they need is a natural environment where each child can be nurtured towards finding their own identity & soul purpose in life whilst creating a sustainable impact on behalf of our home called earth. This way of learning strengthens children’s self-confidence in their own limitless capabilities thus turning learning into a passion.

This desire to learn combined with a child's natural curiosity is the groundwork we lay to build our school’s foundation.

  • The Future in Action

We borrow the world from our children, a world that is rotating faster than ever towards an unknown future facing a huge climate crisis. Today’s generation Z (zero) also called the rainbow generation or as we love to call them, the new earth generation, is the last generation capable of starting to reverse the damage done to our planet. The last generation to create a greener environment for themselves, humankind and all earthlings. For that to happen we need a new way of education, one that supports the new earth children and their uniqueness as well as incorporates the world's delicate situation in their teachings while also nurturing important 21st century skills.


― Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. ―

Chief Seattle

New Earth Grundwerte

New Earth Core VAlues

As the first New Earth School, Tany Fitiavana honors its core values. At all times we try to share and model these values and support our fellow beings in doing the same. We encourage all grown-ups to follow and recognize these values in our children through ongoing dialogue, discussions and positive reinforcement.


The teachings of sustainability will give the earth the chance to heal and continue carrying life while supporting our own health and creating the green leaders of the future.




― In a world you can be anything, be kind. ―


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Tany School Prospectus
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