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We are grateful for all the pioneers introducing different alternative learning methods like the democratic Sudbury Valley School that already successfully exists since over 50 years. This is a small selected list of our favourite informative movies and books. They are about different schools, scientific researches, experiences and studies. All of them shared and supported by many renowned psychologists, sociologists, paediatricians, teachers and most importantly parents and children.

― The future will belong to the nature-smart — those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need. ―

Richard Louv



A wonderful speech by Alan Wilson Watts about life and our school & work system - in English with German subtitles.

Short summary about democratic schools - in English.

Sir Ken Robinson's amusing speech with the title: do schools kill creativity? - in English.

A lecture by Dr. Peter Gray on the enormous importance of self-determined playing - in English.

Dr. Peter Gray is an evolutionary psychologist that studies how people learn and a huge advocate of play. In this video he tells about the basics of self-directed learning - in English.

Ramïn Farhangi explains why he founded a school where children do what they want - in French with German subtitles.

Rachel Roberts on the benefits of democratising education - in English.



What if there was a formula to save the world? What if each of us could do something to help? TOMORROW proves that a dream can become the reality of tomorrow as soon as people become active - multilingual with different subtitles.

Schools of Trust is a German documentary film about democratic education. Full film on - also available with English subtitles.

The film BEING AND BECOMING explores the concept and the way of not teaching children and letting them learn freely what they are enthusiastic about - multilingual with German subtitles.

The Austrian documentary filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer deals with the basic ideas underlying modern education - multilingual with various subtitles.

The participatory documentary film FREISTUNDE is based on the premise that people learn most effectively and sustainably in active processes that have something to do with their own lives. More information on - multilingual with different subtitles.

Reports on the ever-growing vegan movement and shows how it is best for animals, human health and the planet - in English with various subtitles.


Further movies and documentaries recommendations can be found at


das letzte kind im wald.jpg
das prinzip natur.jpg
freiheit und grenzen - liebe und respekt
mit kindern leben lernen.jpg
erziehung zum sein.jpg
das leben im jetzt.jpg
whole beings.jpg
how not to diet.jpg
hot not to die.jpg
befreit lernen.jpg
das passende leben.jpg
lernen geht anders.jpg
keine hausaufgaben und den ganzen tag pa
the biology of belief.jpg
ein klarer blick sudbury valley.jpg
eine neue sicht auf das lernen sudbury v
die entdeckung des kindes.jpg
villa monte .jpg
Kindheit ohne Strafen.png
Mein Kind ist hochsensibel- was tun?.jpg

Children's books

I am peace.jpg
barpapa rettet die tiere.jpg
oski ganz gross.jpg
mission umweltschutz.jpg
animal rescue.jpg
ami buch.jpg
vielleicht buch.jpg

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