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The financing of a unique learning community

  • Tany provides a small spaceholder to tanykind ratio.

  • The Tany learning community is mixed-age and welcomes playgroup children up to and including upper school.

  • The calculation of the family contribution remains the same from kindergarten to high school. So the cost does not increase as the child gets older.

  • In the weekly school assembly, everyone has an equal vote. The majority decides democratically on current concerns, such as excursions, rules, projects and meal requests. Through this co-determination, the children experience themselves as an important part of the community, in which they can actively shape life together.

  • Tany's focus is 'sustainability' and this flows throughout the learning environment.

  • The food at Tany is plant-based and, where possible, seasonal, organic and fresh. We attach great importance to leaving as small a footprint as possible and are very proud of our partnership with Fürst Unverpackt and Bio Partner Schweiz.

  • The Tany children always have access to nuts and sugar-free drinks such as tea and water.


  • Tany's wish is to give as many families as possible a place in the learning community. This while respecting our contribution table. As in all areas, including finance, we rely on solution-oriented, transparent and honest communication.

  • Tany offers tuition discounts for families with multiple children.  Please contact us for more information.


Our goal is that Tany is accessible to as many children as possible, regardless of the financial situation of the parents. At the same time, the Tany-Team aims to receive a fair income for their loving and dedicated work.


In addition, Tany is subject to the non-profit and tax-exempt NewEarthSchools Association, calles NES for short. The purpose of the association is, in an altruistic way, to establish alternative schools that provide interested families with access to free and democratic schools with a focus on sustainability.


The realization of these goals requires a contribution system based on the fundamental values of "personal responsibility" and "solidarity", while ensuring a balanced financial basis for the first New Earth School.


It is therefore possible to transfer more than the individually calculated contribution and to deduct the difference from taxes, like all monetary donations to the NES Association. In this way, it is possible to sponsor a lower-income family for a longer period of time. If you are interested and for further information please contact us by phone or email.The New Earth Schools


Association works on a voluntary basis and is in no way profit-oriented.

Tany Fitiavana does not receive any public funds.


The family contribution per child is based on the individual income of the family, with the well-being of the school respectively of all children of the learning community being the main focus.

In order to cover all operating costs, a monthly contribution per child of CHF 1600.- would have been necessary in our first home in Hüntwangen. With the move to our new Tany home in Embrach in the almost 200 year old vicarage, our operating costs have increased and therefore the required monthly contribution is higher.

In order to calculate the contribution for the entire school year, the current salary statement must be submitted to the NES Association annually at the beginning of the school year.

Our contribution list is currently under construction. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact form.

Additional Costs

The costs for school material, excursions (except class camps) and lunch are CHF 800.- per semester.

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