Schoolyear 2022/2023: WE have a wonderful new Tany Home!

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Schoolyear 2021/2022: Protection Concept.

Based on the Epidemic Act, the federal government has issued an Decree on Measures in the Special Situation to Combat the Covid 19 Epidemic. According to Article 4 of this ordinance, every school is obliged to draw up a protection concept.

The government council has stipulated that school boards must publish their protection concepts on the website of the municipality or school.
The requirements for public schools also apply analogously to private schools where compulsory education can be completed.

Tany Fitiavana Protection Concept


18th March 2021: We are finally tax-exempt!!!


25th Januar 2021: We are the ambassadors of Switzerland for the Summerhill Festival of Childhood. Yay!!!


29th June 2020: School start 17th of August 2020 with kindergarten, primary and secondary school. Tany playgroup offer available on request (spots limited).