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Tanygirls & the Design-Input

Half a year ago we felt like a new project. With Sina (Tany space keeper) we started a design input. We decided to sew a bag that can also be worn as a backpack.

At the very beginning, we had to figure out how much fabric we needed for the project. Once we did that, we went to the fabric store together. There we were allowed to choose the fabrics for our bags.

The decision was really hard because there was a very big choice. Finally, we all decided and the saleswoman cut the fabrics for us.

Back at school we started cutting the fabrics.

For many weeks we were then busy stitching, sewing and turning (the straps were really long!).

It was a long process in which we learned a lot.

We use the bags every day now. 😊

Nell, Ella & Casandra

Translated with (free version)

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