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― A colourful garden full of plants, with a variety of different flowers, trees and bushes that complement and support each other and form a unique oasis of life. With you and through your support we are creating a rich garden for our children and their future. We are infinitely grateful for every participation and collaboration.

Thank you to all visionaries supporting us!―

Your Tany-Team

Our supporters

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We are a Switzerland based dedicated team of creatives on a mission to help sustainable brands increase their positive impact in the world. Through film-making, photography, animation, and web solutions we craft authentic stories that move people into action. We explore, create and deliver your story and customer value by engaging your audience in progressive digital experiences.

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Hof Narr is a life sanctuary. Their protégés were saved from death and are now under the protection of the Narren. Hof Narr is an oasis for:


who live in peace

at the Hof Narr


Nature thanks to which the

Narren grow and harvest

organic food


who question, think along

and enjoy the exchange


who work with hand, heart and mind for our future


If you are looking for a super competent painting business that uses pure natural products and can beautify your home and/or business in harmony with Mother Earth, then you have come to the right place:


The Jaussi painter and upholsterer GmbH was founded in 1980 as a family business and is now managed in the 2nd generation by Daniel Jaussi.

The personal contact is one of our strengths - listening, advising and implementing the customer's wishes. Thanks to qualified employees and a well-established team we provide top performance.


Are you looking for pallets or do you have some for sale? Do you need a good and reliable partner? Then you have come to the right place. We will be happy to advise you and offer you individual and tailor-made solutions.

The environment is very important to us. 

Therefore, we always look for the best possible solution, from transport, storage to disposal, in order to process our services in the most ecological way. Our children should have a good future and live in a healthy world.


Simply call us at 056 450 97 71 or write us an e-mail at


Here you will find exceptional expertise in the field of neutralizing obstructive energies on properties and in buildings, expert knowledge in the field of harmonizing electro-smog pollution and geopathic irritation zones, results of the latest research on the effects of light and image in rooms as well as many years of coaching experience in the field of transformation for companies and private individuals.

Energetic building optimization    Technical energy harmonization

Natural space optimization               Transformation Coaching

We would be happy if we could accompany you and the people important to you to become part of nature again!


The laying of beautiful parquet floors has been one of our services for decades. Since 2013 we have given this area more weight. An expert in the field of floor coverings and parquet advises our customers comprehensively and is also significantly involved in the execution of the work.

We from the Tany-Team would like to emphasize at this point that if you are looking for a super professional certified parquet and floor layer with a beautiful soul, you have found him in Livio Angst, head of the flooring department at Sigrist-Rafz!

Please do not hesitate to contact him for further information and consultation.

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Our mission:

We primarily promote natural and regional products. All suppliers are well known to us and we ensure that only products are available in the store which have also been tested by us. All food is offered "unpackaged" and/or can be purchased or transported in ecologically sustainable containers (no plastic).


In our small café we offer a variety of simple, healthy and trendy snacks. In addition, we try to find solutions to fight against "foodwaste". We offer many products from small or local producers, strengthening small businesses as well as the region as a whole. We want to put the emphasis back on quality and not on cheap price. We want to be seen as a "new way to shop." But also as a kind of guide, which looks at existing ways of thinking from a different perspective and passes this on to the fellow human beings.


There is only one planet earth, our home and that of our children.

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