― Kindness in words creates confidence.

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.

Kindness in giving creates love. ―

Lao Tzu





― We are creating a place where children can learn everything they need to become lifelong happy learners and fulfilled adults by living in a loving community with family members, likeminded children and grown-ups. ―

Tany Fitiavana

Rather calling us 'teachers' or 'students', we are looking forward to creating with you new terms that suits our vision of living in equality in a better way.


We would also like to prepare one of the lightflooded rooms so that we could offer creative cooperations with likeminded course providers. For example a pottery class or other crafts courses. The same property in Hüntwangen also offers a huge gym hall for all those looking forward to working with us for example through yoga, dance, marcial arts, theater classes. There is also a huge chance that we will be able to offer a beautiful hall for seminars, screenings and theater presentations.


The idea is to offer different spaces in a flourishing sustainable community with countless possibilities to thrive and enjoy the school's harmony. In return the children would receive the opportunity to subscribe themselves into different courses throughout the month.


Please get in touch with us if you want to be part of this journey. You can also support us with your knowledge regarding construction work and other craftmanships or through financial donations. We are grateful for every help and every person reaching out to us.


Furthermore, we are happy to invite grown-ups and childrens that are enthusiastic about different subjects and want to share their knowledge with us.


We envision a New Earth community that will hopefully start in Switzerland and spread all over the world making it possible for children to visit other countries and learn through other cultures and landscapes.


One of our partners called 'Garden of Earthen Delights' just embarked on a mission to reforest and preserve 380,000 sq meters of the Costa Rican rainforest as well as to create a self-sustainable and zero waste community. Together we are planning to create a second New Earth school in the next few years, amidst the calmness of the jungle.


Also a partnership with a plantbased restaurant or an animal life sanctuary is part of our vision for the future.


We do not set limits but see many wonderful opportunities to support each other and grow.

― Tany Fitiavana is a land of love with a fertile ground waiting for us to plant a diversity of unique seeds that will blossom through love and compassion. ―

Tany Fitiavana

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