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― In the next 30 years, according to UNESCO, more people worldwide will be graduating through education than since the beginning of history. It's a combination of technology with its transformation effect on work and demography that shows a huge explosion in population. Suddenly, degrees aren’t worth anything. Isn’t that true? 

Sir Ken Robinson

The concept of an educational program for all children was established in the flourishing industrial age when values such as obedience, punctuality and compliance amongst others was on high demand. Now almost 150 years later we arrive at the information age, also called the digital age where knowledge can be obtained by a fingertip. Due to the extreme industrialisation and animal agriculture, we also find ourselves in a very serious and delicate environmental situation. How does this affect our children and their future? As parents we want our children to be healthy and happy and become fulfilled adults and successfull lifelong learners. Fortunately, this is also exactly what our blue planet needs to thrive and heal from the current critical climatic conditions all over the world.

― The health of the children and the health of the earth are inseparable. ―
The Last Child in the Woods


Tany Fitiavana offers a free, community-centered, democratic learning with a holistic approach. Our school's concept includes the participation of the parents or other family members. All of our learning methods encourages the child to take care of mind, body and soul, think outside the box, create innovative solutions, trust one’s own abilities and embrace mistakes as important steps towards success and growth. We also acknowledge the emergency call of the future by promoting the concept of sustainability and respect towards our blue planet, our greatest value.


We orient ourselves according to the curriculum 21 of Zürich and complement this learning guide and planning instrument, by always trying to adapt a holistic approach and using autonomous learning as our basic learning tool. Through this approach we acknowledge every child as a 'whole' by taking into account that every one of them may need different learning timetables. In all of Tany Fitiavana's different learning approaches Article 12 of the UN convention on the rights of the child, which states that children have a right to have a say on matters which affect them, is fully realised. 


Whether we are known as adults, as children or as animals, we all meet at eye level and have an equal voice amongst important decisions. The granting of autonomy and the possibility to interact and thrive with likeminded humans in a peaceful and loving environment is the foundation for our children’s education, wich we envision to create every day.

Our school offers a care place for all age groups. Our core team covers playgroup, kindergarten, primary and secondary school.


Tany Fitiavana is also a bilingual private school and playfully integrates the language English into everyday life by living in a diverse community where english is automatically part of normality.

We want Tany to be accessible to as many children as possible, regardless of their parents' financial situation. That's why our school contribution per child is based on the income of both parents or legal guardians. You can contact us anytime for more Information.

―  From the time a child is born it is 'free' learning and processing experiences at every moment. It learns to walk, speak and interact with the world through mind, body and soul. It does this all by itself through playing, observing, imitating, trying, failing and succeeding. ―

Tany Fitiavana


In our school we let them continue this journey and it is during their chosen activities that all the required school material is casually learned. We believe that it's time to radically rethink our view of education. If we want to create a sustainable and healthy future of true happiness, peace and equality for our children we need to nurture their brilliant imagination, encourage them to be collaborative problem-solvers and creative flexible thinkers. All of that while sharing values such as compassion and empathy.

―  Nothing is more powerful

than an idea whose time has come. ―

Victor HUgo

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